Insurance Specialists

Scott Loochtan

Scott Loochtan has been providing insurance solutions to individuals since 1987, the year he became licensed and started his first agency. He has been involved in insurance in one form or another his whole life. Scott started his next agency in 1991 with two of his friends, both of whom are still with him today–one of whom is now his brother-in-law. The office was just that, one office, located in his father’s candy factory that had one desk, one phone, and one computer. In 1997, Scott’s agency changed its name to Senior Services of Illinois, Inc., which is an Independent, Authorized Exclusive General Agent for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. A distinction that only four other agencies in the state of Illinois hold. Scott is the President and the company specializes in health and Medicare-related coverage.

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  • Jenn Hamann
    Executive Vice President

    Jenn Hamann

    “Her philosophy is simple. She puts the client first!”

    Jenn Hamann started in the Insurance industry in 2007 and immediately proved that hard work can overcome inexperience. Within her first year, she was the #7 producer in the country with one of the largest and most widely known insurance agencies. Her ability to lead others gravitated her to co-founding her agency and within months, they became the #1 GA for yet another well-known agency. Her expertise and credibility led a nationally renowned sales trainer, to seek her out to found a new Insurance Agency. During a recession and with the challenges of major changes to the healthcare industry; the agency became a million-dollar producer within 60 days and a Premier Agency within 6 months. She has been with Senior Services of Illinois since 2012 focusing on growing Medicare, Individual Health, and Group businesses.  She handles many of the day-to-day operations including managing, planning, coaching, and retaining business.  She successfully trains agents to increase their production, reach and surpass their own sales goals, and grow their businesses to new heights.

    Before health insurance, Jenn was a National Political Fundraiser. Jenn resides in Denver, Colorado with her husband Doug, and her two children, Brayden and Gavin.

  • George Vida, Jr.
    State Sales Director

     I know that every day I wake up I am going to positively impact people’s lives by protecting their health needs and helping provide a legacy for their family”.

    George Vida, Jr. has been in the insurance industry since 1986, which started with New York Life, and currently serves as State Sales Director of Senior Services of Illinois, Inc. (SSI). Vida is responsible for the development of internal and external representatives. George is a sought-after speaker, has conducted numerous Medicare and Medicare Part D training seminars, and has trained numerous successful insurance representatives.

    His areas of expertise include:

    Long-Term Care Insurance

    Fixed Annuities

    Medicare Supplemental Insurance

    Medicare Part D

    Life Insurance

    Group & Individual Health

    When not in the office, he enjoys cooking, golfing, bowling, watching sporting events, and listening to live music.

    George received his bachelor’s degree in Management in 1981 from Bowling Green State University (OH). George lives in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago with his wife of over 27 years, Lilly, and their four daughters. He is actively involved in his community with youth organizations as a coach and fundraiser.

  • Rosalyn Ahmad
    Education Specialist

    Rosalyn Ahmad

    Rosalyn Ahmad has been a licensed Health and Life agent since 2004. She is the mother of 4 children and knows how important it is to get the most out of her insurance plans. Her main focus is always putting her clients first, educating them on the plan that will work best for them. She loves the excitement of helping people and knowing that she put them in a better place than before they called her. Her motto is “Live Life don’t let it live you.

  • Debra Airhart, ACS, AIAA, AIRC
    Education Specialist

    Specialist – One who provides quality service without being asked, takes time to listen and discover individual needs and utilization, and has complete knowledge of product and technical innovations to suit you and your family.”

    Debra Airhart is an education specialist who has been with Senior Services of Illinois, Inc. (SSI) since 2010. She brings over 30 years of health insurance experience and is the go-to person in the office when it comes to information and compliance. She has her licenses in life, health, and property/casualty and is certified for long-term care. Outside of SSI, Debra has served as President of the BEBC Health League Ministry for over five years and coordinates annual community preventative health fairs and workshops. Debra lives in the Chicago area.

  • Jenna Boozaaijer
    Education Specialist             

    Jenna Boozaaijer

    Formerly a small business owner and public school educator, Jenna moved over to the insurance industry in 2016. Jenna’s main goal is turning Medicare’s ocean of confusion and madness into a calm pool of security for her clientele. Despite various safety precautions and restrictions on interactions, building relationships and answering questions remain her top priority. When she is not in her office, she spends time with her family, hiking outside, and board gaming inside.

  • Phil Coelho
    Education Specialist

    I truly enjoy what I do, because I can help people get through times of uncertainty. Whether it’s helping people prepare for retirement or making sure that their basic health insurance needs are taken care of, I know that I put their minds at ease.”

    Phil Coelho is a licensed education specialist who has been involved in the insurance industry since 1996. He holds licenses in life, health and property, and casualty. Phil has been part of Senior Services of Illinois (SSI) for nine years as an outside agent primarily providing health and Medicare-related insurance solutions to his growing list of clients. Before joining SSI, Phil was with Allstate for six years writing home and auto insurance. Outside of the office, he is an avid golfer and skier and enjoys Ohio State football and NASCAR. Phil graduated from Denison University in Granville, OH with a degree in Economics and lives in the Chicagoland area with his wife and young daughter.

  • Kayla Hahn
    Education Specialist

    Kayla Hahn is a licensed education specialist who has been with the company since 2023. She is licensed in Florida, Illinois, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.  She believes in going the extra mile for her clients and that one small act of kindness can go a long way in helping and improving someone’s life. Her passion has always been to help others. Before joining the company, Kayla was an EMT and 911 Operator. Although in a much different environment, she still finds ways to get her clients the best healthcare possible. Kayla lives in Central Florida with her husband, two small children, and two dogs. They love to go to the beach, kayak, and explore the many diverse areas of the state.

  • Mike Kelley
    Education Specialist

    Mike KelleyMike has been in the Insurance business for 10 years focusing on Life, Health, Long Term Care, and Property and Casualty. Mike has been married for 13 years.  He is a big Music Fan and enjoys coaching his children in soccer. He enjoys meeting clients face to face helping them solve problems and making them feel at ease with life’s transitions.



  • Marc Lallier
    Education Specialist

    Marc LallierMarc Lallier has been a licensed Life and Health agent since 2006. In his first year, Marc was awarded the President’s Trophy for being one of the top producers in the nation and has continued helping people with their Life and Health Insurance needs. Marc attributes success to one simple principle “Do what is best for the client”. In 2010 Marc moved his focus away from Life and Health into the Medicare field, however, he still provides excellent customer service to his existing clients and would be more than happy to help you with whatever your insurance needs are. Marc is a Colorado native and was a home builder from 1996 to 2005. In 2005 Marc left the construction business and started in the insurance industry receiving his license in 2006. In 2007 Marc married his Wife Amy and in early 2008 started a family with the birth of his daughter Megan.

  • Brian Marsh
    Education Specialist

    Brian Marsh“Providing exemplary service along with the best products to my clients makes this all worthwhile.”

    Brian Marsh has been providing insurance solutions for his clients since 1986. He joined Senior Services of Illinois, Inc. (SSI) in 2008 after working for such companies as Metropolitan Life Insurance, AON, and AAA Chicago Motor Club. Before joining SSI, Brian was the top-producing agent for AFLAC in the state of Illinois for multiple years. He has his health, life, and property & casualty licenses as well as long-term care certification. A valued asset for SSI, Brian’s motto is “You will not find a better insurance plan, better price, or better client service” than what he can provide. An accomplished percussionist, Brian prides himself in being accessible to his clients 24/7 but still finds time for his children and the occasional family camping trip. Brian Marsh was named SSI’s “Sales Rep of The Year” in 2011. Brian attended Benedictine College in Lisle, IL. He has two children and lives in the Chicago land area.

  • Lesli Carter McFalls
    Education SpecialistLesli Carter McFalls

    Lesli has been in the insurance industry since 2008. She has sold all lines of insurance and has found her love lies with Medicare clients. She is the mother of 3 children.


  • Griselda Montano
    Education Specialist

    Griselda Montano

    Griselda worked in the insurance market with a P&C license back in 2003 in the state of Tennessee. In 2006 she and her family moved to Colorado and continued to work in the insurance market until she became a mother and started working in banking and retail. She started as a part of the administration team and then in 2020 she obtained her health and life license. She is fluent in Spanish and enjoys the outdoors and gathering with family and friends.


  • Brittany Riddle
    Education Specialist

    Brittany RiddleBrittany Riddle knows the importance of communicating simply and clearly. Her commitment to providing information regarding insurance needs in the simplest way is a top priority. Her expertise in communication and seeking to understand the client’s needs are a sure plus! Brittany enjoys Colorado outdoor living with her amazing family and pets.

  • Beverly Sandersfeld
    Education Specialist

    “Always do your best and the rest will follow”

    Beverly Sandersfeld

    Beverly has been in the insurance industry since 2010. Her passion is helping seniors by teaching them the ABC&D of Medicare so they can make the best decision moving forward.  Knowing there are many choices she wants to make sure they know their options. She believes putting the client’s needs first is most important. Beverly loves spending time with family and friends.

  • Mary Shipley
    Education Specialist 

    Mary Shipley“I enjoy helping and educating people regarding Medicare and what their options are.  I feel good each day knowing that I am someone’s advisor and that they trust my guidance.”

    Not only is Mary Shipley a dedicated education specialist, but the resident Peggy Fleming!  Yes, Mary is an accomplished figure skater, but when she is not performing triple Lutzes she is providing exemplary service to her clients. Before becoming an education specialist, Mary served as SSI’s Client Service Manager. Clients and co-workers alike have complimented her friendly, warm demeanor and wonderful organizational skills, which have made her a vital member of the SSI family. Before joining SSI in 2009, Mary worked for Mature Health Services and was a residential real estate broker for over 12 years. Mary is a skilled figure skater and classical music flutist who also loves to read, rollerblade, and play volleyball.  She lives with her son in the North Suburbs of Chicago.

  • Kevin Smith
    Education Specialist

    Kevin Smith“My job working as an SSI Specialist is to help people understand the process of their insurance needs while giving them the highest level of commitment and dedication to “make it happen”. 

    Kevin Smith has been involved in the insurance industry for 7 years, bringing his experience and expertise to his clients. Before joining SSI, Kevin was with another major insurance firm, helping a multitude of clients with his level of knowledge and care. Kevin graduated from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and lives in Buffalo Grove, IL with his significant other. He has two daughters, one studying at Augustan University and the other one graduating this year from Valparaiso University.

  • Lilly Vida
    Education Specialist

    Lilly VidaIt doesn’t feel like work when you love what you are doing.”

    Lilly Vida puts the ILL in Senior Services of Illinois, Inc. (SSI). Lilly is an outside agent and education specialist who has been assisting individuals with insurance options since 2005. She has been closely associated with insurance since 1986, seeing that her husband George is SSI’s state manager. SSI is truly a family affair for Lilly. Before joining SSI, Lilly was the owner of Northwest Electrology. When not explaining the nuances of Medicare and Medicare Part D, Lilly is involved in arts and loves to garden and travel – not to mention she speaks Icelandic. Lilly lives in the Northwest Suburbs with her husband George and their four daughters.

  • Lauren Walsh
    Education Specialist

    Lauren Walsh

    Lauren started working in healthcare in 2013. At the time She took care of her grandma through PCM, and as time went on she took care of a few more elderly individuals throughout the company. She then started at a company where she took care of individuals with special needs. Her experience has taught her an understanding of what different individuals might be looking for when it comes to their health and Medicare insurance. She has been selling health insurance since 2018. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her son and fiancé, and she loves outdoor activities of all types.

  • Marcia Williams
    Education Specialist

    Marcia Williams“By definition and design, insurance provides Financial Peace and Protection for you and your family”. 

    Marcia has been a licensed insurance agent since 1988. Her longevity in the insurance field also indicates reliability. The approach she takes to planning with Seniors allows her to help them choose the appropriate Medicare Insurance Plan(s) for their needs. Providing the same level of care and service for her clients that she would expect for herself in a similar situation is ‘Job One’ for Marcia. She has been a member of her local Business Community since 1969 and has served as a Board member for numerous nonprofit organizations. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Marcia and her husband have two children and eight grandchildren.