“The experience with Mike was wonderful and quick process. He went over things thoroughly and was very knowledgeable about everything.”

Vicky Burns Joliet, IL

“Debra was very professional thorough and and compassionate.”

Martin Kremer Crete, IL

“Darryl was wonderful, I really enjoyed working with him. He went through the whole app with me. I told him I wanted a policy that would pick up what wasn’t paid by medicare over the 80%, he helped me find a policy that fit my needs.”

Pamela Joneson Morris, IL

“Brittany was very very patient, I asked many questions some over and over again, she was very personable. She made the whole process very smooth. I really appreciated her patience with all of my questions, it really helped me understand the whole process.”

Theresa Spann Chicago, IL

“Daryl really walked me through it, helped me with every question I had on the application and he was really easy to work with, very patient with me. He helped me understand the process talked me through it over the phone. He helped me every step of the way and gave me the options so that it really made me feel more comfortable with the enrollment experience. He was great!”

Susan Blue Galloway Woodstock, IL