Individual And Family

Here at Senior Services of Illinois, many of our clients qualify for a Medicare individual plan when they turn 65. At the same time, they often have spouses or even dependent children who don’t yet get Medicare but still need comprehensive major medical insurance.

As independent health insurance agents in Illinois, we have a choice of plans that will offer you or your family members affordable access to high-quality doctors, hospitals, and other health care services. Find out how comprehensive health insurance works, how you can enroll, and even how you may get help to pay the premium.


When you buy a comprehensive health insurance policy with our help, you can be certain you will enjoy essential health benefits. This includes such important healthcare services as prescriptions, pre-existing conditions, preventive care, mental health, and even maternity. It’s not always easy to predict your future medical needs, so you can relax and know that you have help when you need to pay all sorts of doctors and other healthcare providers.

Typically, we will show you managed care plans from companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. This company evolved from the oldest healthcare plan in the entire country and contracts with 90% of U.S. healthcare providers. Examples of managed care plans include HMOs and PPOs that use provider networks to help control your costs. As we discuss this kind of comprehensive health insurance policy with you, we will also help you find out if your favorite doctors and other providers are already included.

Working With Us

To truly buy good health insurance, you want to make sure that you enjoy these benefits:

Permanent Insurance:

You keep these policies as long as you want and can renew them each year. You won’t get canceled after a term ends or even worse, because you got sick.

Essential Benefits

You buy a comprehensive health insurance policy that will cover all aspects of your physical and mental health. You won’t have to put off seeing a doctor because you’re afraid of the bills.

Help to Pay

Since these plans conform to the Affordable Care Act, you may also qualify for help to pay the premiums. Health insurance can be more affordable than you think it is.

Pre-existing Conditions

You can’t get declined or charged more because you had to make health care claims in the past or are even still dealing with an expensive medical issue.