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Medicare covers many preventive tests and screenings for women designed to identify serious problems early. Some of the services that you can take advantage of now include:

Test and Screenings

Annual wellness visit

Bone mass measurement

Cervical cancer


Cardiovascular Screenings


Pelvic Exams and Pap Smears

Medicare covers 100 percent of the costs of a pelvic exam that can help detect fibroids or ovarian cancers. The benefit also includes a clinical breast examination for the detection of breast cancer. Most women are entitled to receive one pap smear every 24 months that helps identify vaginal or cervical cancer. For those at high risk for developing these types of cancers and those who recently received an abnormal pap smear, Medicare pays for a new pap smear every 12 months.

Mammograms and Mastectomy

Part B pays 100 percent for a screening mammogram once every 12 months and 80 percent for a medically necessary diagnostic mammogram. If a mastectomy is needed, Part A covers the cost of surgically planted breast prostheses (less deductible and coinsurance) and Part B pays for external breast prostheses along with a post-surgical bra and breast reconstructive surgery (less deductible and coinsurance).

Heart Disease

Medicare covers many services designed to prevent, diagnose, treat, or manage heart disease in women. A thorough preventive visit and annual wellness check are covered 100 percent, followed by a cardiovascular screening once every 5 years and two diabetes screenings per year along with clinical lab tests. In addition, medical nutrition therapy and diabetes management support are covered by 80 percent.

Bone Mass Measurement

Part B covers one bone density test every 24 months for qualified women who are at risk for developing osteoporosis. If qualified, you pay nothing for these services. If your doctor or health care provider recommends services beyond what Medicare covers, you may have to pay some or all of the costs. Medicare pays for an injectable drug designed to treat osteoporosis. Some women may also be eligible for a home visit from a nurse to inject the drug. Part B deductible and coinsurance apply to the costs of the drug, but you pay nothing for the home visit.



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Tag: Medicare Testing

If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, Medicare provides tests and supplies for those who currently have the disease. Medicare also covers many other preventive tests and screenings for seniors

Test and Supplies

Part B covers blood sugar self-testing equipment and supplies including glucose testing monitors and test strips, lancet devices, lancets, and glucose control solutions for testing the accuracy of the equipment. There may be limits to how much, or how often you can get these supplies. You may be required to use specific suppliers. If you use insulin, you may be able to get more strips and lancets than someone who does not. Part B also covers foot exams and treatment (including therapeutic shoes or inserts). Yearly eye exams and glaucoma tests, insulin pumps and the insulin used by the device, nutritional therapy services, and diabetes self-management training to help you learn how to better manage your disease.


The amount that you need to pay for many of these services and supplies varies. However, some factors can influence your cost. For instance, where you receive treatment, and whether or not your doctor accepts Medicare can impact your cost. Medicare does not cover all recommended diabetes treatments. If your doctor suggests you receive additional supplies or services beyond what it covers, you may pay some or all of those costs.

National Mail Order

As long as you use a Medicare national mail-order contract supplier, you can have diabetes testing supplies delivered right to your home. Medicare pays for test strips and lancets to be sent to you by mail. Or, you can pick them up locally at a pharmacy near you. In either case, you pay the same, whether you receive your testing strips in the mail or purchase them elsewhere. Local stores that accept Medicare cannot charge more than your 20 percent coinsurance, and any unmet deductible.








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