A New Kind of Travel Insurance – GeoBlue

Love to travel? GeoBlue offers a new kind of travel insurance. While many seniors take to the open road after retiring, many more travel internationally for work. If you enjoy traveling, and plan to do a lot of it this year, or will be going abroad for work, it may be worth looking into an international medical insurance plan. With reliable benefits, options and more.

Customized Travel Insurance—at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re planning a one-time trip, multiple trips to a favorite locale or plan to live outside of the country for an extended amount of time, securing the right travel insurance is a smart strategy. GeoBlue makes it easy to create travel insurance that’s right for you—one time, multi trip, or expatriate—reliable medical coverage, based on your needs, at a price you can afford.

International Medical Insurance

Single, Multi-trip and Expatriate Plans

With three different categories of international medical coverage, you can travel abroad with the peace of mind that you’re covered medically, when and where you need it. Choose medical coverage limits from $50,000 to a full $1,000,000 and deductible amounts from $0 to $500. Rest assured, prescription drug reimbursement is available with all plans, ensuring you can get your medication conveniently. Here are a few more of the benefits included with international medical insurance from GeoBlue.

  • Choice in medical coverage limits
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Accidental death coverage
  • Repatriation coverage
  • Dental care for relief of pain (multi trip and expatriate plans only)
  • Prescription drug reimbursement
  • Coverage for emergency and non emergency medical care
  • Choice in deductible options
  • 24/7 global medical assistance
  • Global health and safety resources

Expatriate plans are available worldwide (with or without coverage in the U.S.). Expatriate plans also include the following additional benefits:

  • Preventive and primary care
  • Professional services
  • Inpatient hospital services
  • Ambulatory and therapeutic services
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Home health and skilled nursing care
  • Hospice care 

If you know you will be traveling out of the country, once or multiple times throughout the year, international medical insurance may be a good option. With GeoBlue travel insurance, it’s never been easier to customize medical coverage and deductible amounts to meet your needs.