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Medicare Part D Extra Help Program

The Part D Extra Help Program was created by the Social Security Administration to help seniors with limited income with the costs of Part D plans. Many seniors are unaware of the program and are missing an opportunity to save money on their medication. As a member of Medicare having limited resources, you may be qualified to receive help paying your plan’s premium, annual deductible, and copayments. The program is divided into different levels offering full or partial benefits.


The Social Security Administration determines who qualifies by looking at the value of their total savings, investments, real estate, and income.


Bank accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement accounts, and available cash are all considered to determine financial eligibility. While the value of some real estate in Illinois is considered, your primary residence is not. If you own your home, its value is not considered part of your total resources. In addition to your home, personal items such as jewelry, furniture, and vehicles are not considered. Rental property and life insurance policies are not included as part of your resources either.

Apply Online

You can apply online, by phone, or in person at your local Social Security office. To receive benefits, you will need to provide proof of your Part D plan. After your application is reviewed and qualified, you will receive a Notice of Award from Social Security, documentation that you are qualified and eligible.



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