Plan A

Cost is a major concern for many  Illinois seniors and Medicare Supplement Plan A is a practical solution for getting the basic coverage you deserve at an affordable price. With Plan A, you can count on extra days of hospital and skilled nursing care after traditional Medicare benefits end as well as 100 percent of any copays and coinsurance costs for hospice care. You pay a small premium, your Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles and any Part B excess charges. Here is a snapshot of Medicare Supplement Plan A in more detail.

Plan A Benefits

Original Medicare (Part A) pays for hospitalization charges, but only until day 60. Should you need extended hospital care, Medicare Supplement can pick up where Original Medicare ends. Plan A covers 100 percent of your hospitalization coinsurance from day 61 through day 90 ($304 a day) and the remainder owed after day 90 ($608 a day). Plan A also pays the cost for an additional 365 days of hospital care after your Medicare Lifetime Reserve benefits end. With plan A, the costs for the first three pints of blood and yourMedicare copayment/coinsurance for hospice care are covered. 

Benefits Summary

  • 100 percent of hospitalization coinsurance from days 61-90
  • 365 extra days of hospital care after Medicare coverage ends
  • 100 percent of the cost of the first three pints of blood
  • Medicare copayment/coinsurance for hospice care

What You Can Expect To Pay With Medicare Supplement Plan A

A low cost, basic benefits plan, with Medicare Supplement Plan A, you can expect to pay a monthly premium as well as your Part A and Part B deductible. You will also be responsible for any Part B excess charges that Medicare does not pay and coinsurance for skilled nursing care.

As long as you continue to pay your premium, your benefits can never be terminated and your Blue Cross Medicare Supplement Plan A is renewable, despite your health. A practical solution for securing dependable, basic coverage, Medicare Supplement Plan A from Blue Cross is a smart, reliable choice.

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