Do the Medicare Advantage Benefits Change Yearly?

If you’ve heard a few commercials on television and you’re wondering whether or not you need to review your Medicare Advantage plan for changes, you’re not alone. Many seniors don’t realize that Part C benefits may change from year-to-year or that they have the opportunity to review changes before the annual Open Enrollment begins. Securing […]

Do You Know About Medicare Advantage Extra Benefits?

Original Medicare covers many important healthcare services—but it doesn’t cover everything and seniors often find that they need to add to supplement coverage. Routine eye exams, preventive dental work and prescription drug benefits are not provided through Part A or Part B. Do you know about the extra benefits provided by Medicare Advantage? Medicare Advantage […]

Who Is Eligible for a Medicare Advantage Plan?

If you’re getting close to 65 and starting to plan your health care strategy, a Medicare Advantage Plan may be the right choice. With benefits extending beyond Original Medicare, often including coverage for vision, dental, even prescription drugs, an MA plan makes sense. Are you eligible? What You Need to Join a Medicare Advantage Plan Basically, […]

What Is a Medicare Special Needs Plan and Who Qualifies?

Seniors suffering with a debilitating chronic health condition may be eligible to join a Medicare approved Special Needs Plan (SNP). An SNP provides additional benefits above and beyond Original Medicare, offering seniors with special care requirements the treatment and services they need. What is a Special Needs Plan and who qualifies? The following information can […]